David White is a New York based Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Consultant and Fashion Blogger.  

After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology with degrees in Fashion Design and Production Management for Apparel, David started working within the industry as a Dresser, Costume Designer, Fashion Editor and Fashion Designer.  Most recently he has worked with companies such as the Food Network, HGTV, The Cooking Channel, Saks.com and Bela Criacao as a Wardrobe Supervisor, Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Illustrator/Consultant and On-set Tailor.  

David's blog Jacket Optional, Shoes Required illustrates his unique perspectives on fashion based on his personal ride through life and the industry while Shoeography covers his salacious love for sneakers and other footwear.  He believes that effective fashion should not overpower one's persona but rather work in equilibrium with it in creating a solid platform for the true individual to shine through with strength and confidence.

The David White Collective is a culmination of the works that keep him connected inside the industry.